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Some of the more common human resource concerns are below but there are many, many more.  All businesses are different and each business concern is unique. Having an experienced resource available such as HR Expertise can help you identify the core business problem, develop the right solution and implement an actionable process to support that solution.

Concern: how do you hire the best person / reduce turnover?


Hiring the right employee is half the battle. Not only do you spend money on advertising, the time you spend reviewing applications and conducting interviews is time you could have spent leading your business.


Let me streamline your hiring process by helping you write appropriate job descriptions, and guide you in effective prescreening and interviewing techniques.

Concern: how do you handle poor performers or a “bad apple”?


A problem employee can cause poor morale, high turnover, and possibly lawsuits.  You owe it to your high performers to deal effectively with the problem employees.  Not dealing with poor performers quickly sends the signal to all employees that poor performance is okay.


Let me help you and your management team become more effective at dealing with tough employee issues by developing key coaching and communication skills.

Concern:  How do you minimize legal risk when terminating an employee?


The burden of proof is heavily on the employer. It’s not about your word as a supervisor against the employee. It’s about your word against your ability to prove you didn’t discriminate and to prove you did communicate. 


Let me show you how good documentation is your best friend in a legal situation and how to avoid poor or incomplete documentation, which is your worst enemy.

Concern:  You may have an HR person or team but what do you do if an employee alleges a member of management is sexually harassing them?


Past lawsuits have been found in favor of the employee simply because the company HR department could not show the investigation was unbiased, timely and thorough.


Let me help you in conducting a thorough investigation by an objective out-of-house HR professional.

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